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6 Modules

Diploma in Aligner Dentistry
Growth Coach and Mentor
Online and OnDemand Interactive Video Tutorials
Invisalign Apex Pathway
Level 7 - Verified by EdQUAL

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The Diploma is aimed at the higher educational needs of Aligner providers who intend to increase their Aligner Revenue. 

Aligner Alchemy Academy is an EduQual Approved Centre for education in the UK. The Diploma Courses are taught to a standard that has been verified by EduQual.



1.INVISALIGN SALES AND MARKETING - [6 Week Aligner Transformation] 40 hrs 

2.INVISALIGN GROWTH WORKFLOWS - [6 Months Aligner Transformation ] 80 hrs 

3.DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION & INVISALIGN STRATEGIES - [Remote Aligner Workflow -40 hrs ] 1

4.INVISALIGN PATIENT JOURNEY [Aligner Alchemy client masterclass series] - Training for successful marketing - 30 TOTAL HRS

5.Aligner Business Course 30 hrs [5 individual days of 8 hours at a venue]

6.Invisalign Growth and Accountability Module - 170 hrs 


On Demand and Online video modules with Dr Bhatt helping you Master your communication and growth strategy

  • Communication module of the 6 week aligner transformation
  • Aligner promotion event module of the 6 week aligner transformation
  • 3 gems from the aligner masters
  • The aligner team module 


On Demand and Online video modules with Dr Bhatt guiding you with Invisalign workflows and Journey’s

Lesson 1 - Introduction to 6 month aligner transformation

Lesson 2 - The aligner Game

Lesson 3 - Marketing 

Lesson 4 - Aligner Journey 



On Demand and Online video modules with Dr Bhatt guiding you with AI & Digital Pathways

Lesson 1 - Aligner butterfly 

Lesson 2 - Positive psychology 

Lesson 3 - Introduction to the remote aligner workflow

Lesson 4 - Remote aligner marketing 

Lesson 5 - Remote aligner nurturing 

Lesson 6 - Remote aligner consultation

Lesson 7 - Remote aligner protocol

Lesson 8 - Future of remote aligners and orthodontics


On Demand and Online video modules with Dr Bhatt guiding you on how to start 27 cases from an Invisalign Promotion Day

Training season 1 - introduction to Aligner Alchemy Academy part 1

Training session 1 - Introduction to Aligner Alchemy Academy part 2

Training session 2 - Marketing begins part 1 

Training session 2 - Marketing begins/taking deposits part 2 

Training session 3 - Playing the Aculty game 

Training session 4 - Mini virtual consultation

Training session 5 - Workflow and preparation 

Training session 6 - Scanning 

Training session 7 - Getting a commitment 

Training session 8 - Lead generation 

Training session 9 - Zoom consultations

Training session 10 - Advanced Invisalign mentoring 

Training session 11 - Social media tips 

5.Aligner Business Course 30 hrs 

Day 1 -Introduction to the Diploma and the Journey- Invisalign Diploma Begins

DAY 2 – Invisalign Growth Mindset [ Mindset and Resilience to help you start 200+ cases] 

Learning Outcomes - Invisalign Growth Mindset [ Mindset and Resilience to help you start 200+ cases]

Understand what mindfulness is and how it makes a difference in clinical dental practice

Experience how mindfulness can improve your well-being and clinical and business results

Be familiar with using a range of mindfulness techniques for everyday dentistry

Understand the causes, and be better able to manage, stress, anxiety and low mood in dentistry

Intentionally focus your attention to achieve your Invisalign goals

Appreciate the difference between automatic thoughts that are useful, positive and nurturing and those that are not useful, negative and depleting- and why this causes dental burn out

Establish a regular daily routine to manage growth with Invisalign and avoid imposter syndrome

Be more skilful in communications and relationships with patients to reduce litigation and increase revenue

Day 3 – Invisalign Clinical Mastery [ predictable and profitable Invisalign treatment ]  

Discuss the 6 strategies to start 300+ cases a year

Create a quality prospect list and monitoring form which can be used to analyse business and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your activity AND develop your business in the future

Create your own value proposition to enable you to clearly communicate how you can add value to your customers business

How to create a culture where patients BUY Invisalign , so you don't have to SELL

Maximise every opportunity by using a proven process which will position you ahead of your competitors and rivals

Ask effective questions which will lead to a reduced level of objections and an increased level of sales.

Use a very simple process to anticipate and deal with any objections that may arise

Differentiate yourself from the competition and increase repeat and referral business

Day 4 – Invisalign Business Development [Strategies to become the Go To Invisalign Practice] 

Predictable and Profitable Invisalign-

1. Diagnosis to ensure profitability

2.Treatment Planning for profitability

3. Clincheck set up and planning for predictability and performance

4.Fitting and Insertion to maximise hourly profit

5.Monitoring- how to profitability finish cases in under 90 mins

6. Predictable Finishing

7. How to profitably use a team and start 300+ cases

Day 5 – Diploma in Aligner Mastery Graduation ceremony


6.Invisalign Growth and Accountability Module - 170 hrs 

34 webinars online - giving you a structured pathway to grow and develop from the comfort of your surgery. In each Masterclass has been designed to help you grow and solve the unique challenges in your Invisalign Growth Journey , providing you with a supportive Invisalign Growth Ecosystem.

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