We are excited that you have trusted us with growing your Invisalign Business. We are committed to helping you become the 'Go to Invisalign Practice' in your area.

Our training modules are online based on a portal so you have access to them 24/7. They allow you to learn at your own pace and implement the actions within your team. Your login details will be shared with you at your induction call. 

You will have one introduction session with Donna, our trainer. In addition, we will have 2 training sessions via zoom booked with Dr. Bhatt who will cover the following topics - 

  • Taking deposits
  • Open day workflow (4 weeks before your Open day) 

These sessions will be recorded and uploaded to your google drive. It is your responsibility to ensure that your team watch the videos and access the resources as explained in the training modules. Below, you will find a breakdown of what will be covered in each of the online training modules.

Suitable For

All team members who will be participating in the campaign. This could include TCOs, receptionists and consultants. It is essential that the owner/principal is present on all training sessions as well as all Invisalign providers involved in the campaign. For the Zoom “Taking deposits” training session be attended by the Principle and the person/persons responsible for contacting the leads. 

Learning Outcomes

Training session 1: Introduction to Aligner Alchemy Academy part 1

  • What is the Aligner Alchemy Academy and how to enroll?
  • Navigating the portal and explanation of the courses available.

Training session 1: Introduction to Aligner Alchemy Academy part 2 

  • What is the campaign pack? Navigating through the pack
  • Downloading the Acuity/SquareSpace app
  • What is the lead tracker and what is expected from you?

Training session 2: Marketing begins part 1

  • Roles and responsibilities for templates
  • Tik Tok/Short intro video - Benefits, design and content
  • How do we create BUZZ and excitement?

Training session 2: Marketing Begins / Taking deposits part 2

  • Creating value and taking a deposit 
  • Developing a powerful value proposition
  • What is your offer? What are you including and what upgrades will you offer?

Training session 3: Playing the Acuity game 

  • Understanding using the acuity diary to plan the Open day 

Training session 4: Mini virtual consultation 

  • Downloading the PPT, editing and branding it
  • Role playing and objection handling.

Training session 5: Workflow and preparation 

  • Planning and Preparation for the Open Day 
  • Team roles and responsibilities for the Open Day 
  • How to stage the Open Day and create BUZZ and excitement.

Training session 6: Scanning 

  • Workflow and preparation when it comes to scanning
  • How to explain the smile simulation 

Training session 7: Getting a commitment 

  • Explaining value proposition 
  • Understanding co-diagnosis 
  • Getting micro commitments 

Training session 8: Lead generation 

  • Strategy for a lead generation campaign - 
  • How to best offer INSTANT consults at practice vs Zoom?

Training session 9: Zoom consultations 

  • Planning and preparation for a zoom consultation 
  • Flow of the consultation

Training session 10: Advanced Invisalign mentoring 

  • Advanced Invisalign mentoring. 

Training session 11: Social media tips 

  • Instagram hints, tricks and tips.